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September 16, 2019

September 11, 2019

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September 16, 2019

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A word of encouragement: The promise of a dark cloud

June 1, 2017




There is something about dark rain clouds that fills me with excitement. The prospect of rain and what that rain promises maybe.


I see the rain clouds gathering together, dark and pregnant with rain, ready to break into millions of drops quenching the earth’s thirst.


I know we often say there is “a dark cloud hanging over something or someone” and believe that to be a bad thing.


But I look at the dark cloud and see the hope and the goodness that will come when it eventually breaks.


With the rain will come growth.


The rain will water the dry parched land and make it ready to bring forth new life. What could not come out in the dryness of the land will grow.


As the rain falls it will wash away all the dirt and the filth that had gathered in the dry season.

Blown around by the hot, dry wind, the coming of the rains is a cleansing for the earth.


When you have endured the discomfort of the dry season, the unbearable heat that seems to evaporate all your energy, you look forward to the wet season.


You look forward to the refreshment that comes with the cool rain.


You anticipate all the things you will be able to achieve once you are reenergized and reinvigorated.

I look at the dark clouds and I get excited.


It’s the dawn of a new season.


Time for new life and growth.


Time for a new cleansing.


The things of the past washed away.


And like a little child unwrapping a Christmas present, I cannot wait to see what this new season will bring with it.


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