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September 16, 2019

September 11, 2019

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The thing about FAITH

September 16, 2019

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Tendayi Ndoro shares on the dangers of unequal yoking with unbelievers

April 20, 2016



In life there are “destiny-connectors” and “destiny-destroyers”. Our ability to tell the difference between the two is largely to do with how connected we are in the Spirit to be able to discern certain truths as they are unveiled.


Had to reblog this insightful piece by resident QF – Tendayi Ndoro who weighs in on the subject of unequal yoking and how unequally yoked relationships can hinder us from progressing.


Tendayi writes:


Lets face it, Henry Ford’s quote “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot;either way you are right” is so true. The number one limitation that we have in achieving what we want to achieve in this life is what and who we choose to believe and ultimately the decisions and actions we choose to make as a result of that belief. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got. As I was looking closer at the scripture written by Paul to the Corinthians in chapter 6 vs Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, I began to think of the various contexts he meant this and how that was applicable to our day to day lives.


A way that I found this relevant to absolutely everyone on this earth was when looking at an unbeliever as anything or anyone who does not enable or facilitate you to getting to that place that you think you should get to or want to get to. I looked at how this was key in business partnerships, careers, ministry even in our family relationships. There are times you have an idea or concept and if you keep running it by people who are dream-stealer or killers, you will never take off. Some people are so filled with impossibility because of their own experiences and do not have the wisdom to recognise that just because something has not been done before, you may be the very person who will be able to do it. When I do not know about a certain concept or idea, I very often just refer or channel that individual to the place that there are likely to get more information in a circle of people who are “believers” in that concept. There is that saying “birds of a feather flock together” and the surest way to get to where you want to get to is to start flocking with those who have the same ideas, notions and concepts that you have.


I recall in the book of 2 Kings the story of Elisha seeking a double portion of Elijah’s mantle where he was told that he had asked a very difficult thing but if he saw Elijah when he was being taken up, he would receive it. The interesting thing was there were people there who were actual Prophets who knew that Elijah was going to be taken up and they were speaking the truth, they kept discouraging Elisha to not waste his time in following a Prophet who was about to be taken away. The pressure can get so intense especially when people who you know to be experts in an area are telling you something but you have been given an instruction by God to do something else. Its a really tough call. They did not understand what Elisha was after and the instruction that he had been given to be able to receive it. They were unbelievers and even though there were true Servants of God, they had not been let in to the rare gift that Elisha was going to receive and the process in which he could attain it. Elisha kept his eye-gate focused on the prize, shut his ear-gate to what was being said around him and he remained yoked to the one who had promised him that if he did x he would get y. Indeed all things are possible for those who believe.


In chapter 8 of A Father’s Heart for his Daughter’s I talk about the various gates into a Woman which are the Head, Eye, Nose, Ear, Mouth, Heart,Hands, Genitals and Feet Gate. These are key entrance points that allow substances, ideas, connections into your life and as I reflected on what a yoking means, it a coming together, it is when two become one and I realised how crucial it is to have an understanding of this concept so that you only allow yourself to let into your gates, yoke together with statements, words, actions, ideas, relationships, contracts that yoke you with what you want to accomplish and is linked to your purpose. There are so many distractions in this world, things that take you off your course and assignment and YOU have the POWER to decide through your CHOICES what you allow to enter in.


Unequal Yoking which entails giving certain people more say in your life than they should have will:

1. Slow you down
2. Make the journey or path to your success in any area difficult to walk
3. Take you off track and wear you down. You may never get to accomplish your mission.


If you want to lose weight, hanging about people who are baking cakes all day is not going to get your there. If you want to operate your ministry or business with excellence in all areas, you would be good to start hanging out and learning from people who have mastered time keeping, integrity, clarity and precision, if you desire the prophetic in your life, find a band of prophets who you have things in common with, share the school run with them, prayer sessions, want to be a great husband or family man, find other men who are fully engaged in their family lives and seem to have that balance struck right and take the children to football on Saturday together. These things rub off, you learn and tap into or get yoked with those who are taking you towards your vision, dreams and goals.


So today as spring sets in, I want to encourage somebody who has begun to have doubts of whether they will be able to make it through. Someone whose little voice inside them that tells you you were born to do this, you are going to make it, you will overcome, you will come out on top; is getting clouded by the noise of dark whispers around them, whose vision has been dinned by the sight of impossibilities that are surrounding you. It may be time to spring clean your life and get rid of anything that has been cluttering your ability to move forward.



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